Please Read These Comments Carefully.

I have known Mr. Lybarger for 15 years and have had the benefit of his legal expertise and counsel during some rather difficult and trying times. Over the years I had come to admire and respect his sage wisdom and guidance and his legal judgement has been sound and without question. Charles has a quick mind, but is not impulsive. His dedication and his integrity are of the highest order….and if he gives you his word on something….well simply, you can take it to the bank.

I have seen him routinely keep numerous clients and issue’s under control and not slighting anyone, while he balances the priorities of his case load. He is cool, calm and collected and is able to keeps priorities in line and manage his case load and keep all his clients feeling comfortable and without anxiety. He is very even mannered, and is not prone to flights of fancy, nor whimsical pursuits. He is a family man, who his personal life, as well as his legal priorities in line. He is devoted to his children and has managed to provide both his family and legal career the time and attention they need, while not slighting either.

I have owned and operated my business in Las Vegas for over 20 years. During most of this time Charles has been there to guide me through legal issues far beyond my ability to do so. His sharp mind and grasp of legal requirements has saved my business on several occasions. He is rock solid, and has the ability to shift through a myriad of issues, to get to the core of the matter. He does not waste time, yet is not abrupt.

I hold him and his counsel to a very high regard.

Perry B.Chief Executive Officer and PresidentLas Vegas, NV